GoMedicare allows Medicare buyers to work with a licensed insurance agent to compare Medicare plans and quotes from many insurers. When comparing plans, pay attention to monthly premium rates and projected expenses (co-insurance and co-payments) to get a complete picture of a plan’s cost.


After completing the short questionnaire, an insurance agent will contact you about the Medicare insurance options available in your area. If you choose Original Medicare, compare Medicare supplement plans and prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D). A Medicare supplement or Medigap plan helps you keep track of your original Medicare expenses.

Medicare is a government-funded health insurance program that is administered by the federal government. The most important part of Medicare is the Part B insurance plan. The Part A insurance plan is primarily concerned with hospitalization. Besides the Part A insurance plan, private insurers also offer Medicare beneficiaries different insurance coverage options. With GoMedicare, Medicare buyers can work with a licensed insurance agent to compare Medicare plans and quotes from many other insurers. Compare them if you decide on a Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan. The coverage with Medicare Advantage plans is the same as Original Medicare.

To decide which Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) is best for you, compare them carefully. These are the same benefits provided by Original Medicare, but they have some advantages. These plans also offer coverage for eligible prescription drugs, so you don’t have to buy a separate plan.

While it’s nice to see rate comparisons on the GoMedicare website, working with an insurance agent has its perks. Insurance agents can answer Medicare questions and help clients with the selection and enrollment process of health plans. When evaluating health plans, be sure to understand the insurance coverage offered and the cost of monthly premiums and expenses.